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Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contract Stoke

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A Pyronix wireless alarm system will give you the security and peace of mind you need. We are a long-established family business installing and maintaining and fixing alarms & CCTV systems, covering Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas.

Pyronix is a market leading designer and manufacturer of innovative wireless alarms for homes made with technologies that provide the global security industry with versatile, effective and trusted solutions.

The patented Pyronix range of wireless house alarms can give you the peace of mind that your house is safe and secure.

We are confident our wired, hybrid and wireless alarm system options will give you the set up you need.

If living in a building without a pre-existing alarm system, then a wireless alarm could be the answer. Ideal for retrofitting with minimum disturbance to the property. No wires means no fuss – so there is no need to take up any carpets or floorboards in your home

Without regular testing and inspections, components will eventually fail, compromising the security within a small area or across an entire site. Rendering it vulnerable to criminal activity and potentially invalidating your insurance cover. This is why we recommend having a alarm maintenance contract with us for your security system.

The main benefit of signing up for an annual intruder or CCTV system service and alarm maintenance contract alongside your wireless alarm is the thorough and regular inspections you will receive. Regular assessments and alarm system services help to ensure that your wireless home alarm system or CCTV installation is kept in full working order. So that in the event of a burglary/intrusion the alarm is raised. It can also help to reduce false alarms.

With regular service and maintenance, potential problems with your home alarms can be spotted in advance, preventing any loss of intruder alarm coverage and ensuring your property is protected at all times. If you are an employer, this will be a legal responsibility. Having an annual service and maintenance contract for your alarm system in place will reduce the headache and financial cost of organizing regular testing whenever you need one. When you sign a contract with our team in Longton, Staffordshire, we take care of that responsibility for you.

Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contract Stoke
Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contract Stoke
Burglar Alarm Maintenance Contract Stoke

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