alarm system
alarm system


Bring neighbours together with a CCTV & alarm system to create a strong, friendly, active community.

Would you like a alarm system & CCTV to take control of your streets security, your streets well being ? Monitored alarms are robotic and emotionless. Teaming up with your neighbors will ensure peace of mind knowing that your neighbor has your back. Connecting 3 or more houses together on a  communal agreement will ensure that you get the most coverage of your street . Ensuring you capture any unfamiliar activity.

The cost of decent security has come down over the years, but is still a little too expensive for most. Split the cost between the people who you can really count on when it comes to the crunch . YOUR NEIGHBORS.   Several cameras covering all of the properties within the agreement. A brand new state of the art, wireless alarm system with personal panic button.

With a built in auto dialler. You know someone is going to respond to your alarm.


Take your Neighbourhood watch to the next level. Install an alarm & CCTV  package today. Big savings for multiple houses. Has your neighbour got your back ?

All fully installed and maintained by your local, reliable, reputable, family business. Serving the security industry for 30 years. We pride ourselves on an open and  honest approach to business. Giving good, free, honest advice. Team up with your neighbours for real peace of  mind.

Build some confidence back into your community. Stand together and show unity against crime. CCTV & alarms are a big deterrent on their own but when a group of home owners come together and its recognized that your street is protected, then you become less of a target for crime. 

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