DB Alarms CCTV Maintenance Contract In Stoke-on-Trent

CCTV maintenance contract is the signed agreement between the DB’s Alarm company and the CCTV owner which assures that the system will be completely maintained, with all its servicing needs quickly provided, ensuring your peace of mind as the owner and user. 

This contract guarantees to keep your CCTV system reliable and working well. Our professional team will maintain it, so your investment stays in good shape. You can trust us to handle it while you focus on your daily tasks.


DB Alarms CCTV Maintenance Contract

DB’s alarm service for CCTV owners covers inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, software updates, emergency support, performance testing, documentation, terms, conditions, and customer support.

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections involve technicians visiting at scheduled intervals to deeply test CCTV cameras and related equipment for any signs of damage or malfunction. This proactive approach helps maintain the reliability and effectiveness of the system,.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance by DB’s means doing things ahead of time to keep equipment in good shape. This includes cleaning, adjusting, and oiling parts to prevent problems and make sure everything works well. It helps avoid breakdowns and keeps things running smoothly.

Emergency Support

Round the clock emergency support ensures assistance is available at any time for urgent issues, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the cameras. This continuous availability helps maintain security and surveillance without significant interruptions or downtime.


Our company contains Detailed records of all maintenance and repairs are kept for checking and proof, ensuring accountability and providing a history of the CCTV system’s upkeep and performance.

Repairs and Installation

DB’s Alarm Repairs and installation involve fastly fixing or changing broken or old parts to ensure the CCTV system continues to function properly and effectively, minimizing downtime and maintaining security.

Software Updates

It involves keeping the CCTV system’s software up-to-date with the latest fixes and features to enhance security and performance, ensuring it remains effective and reliable for surveillance purposes.

CCTV Maintenance Contract Benefits

Having CCTV cameras is important for businesses to keep their place safe. But just having them isn’t enough. They need to be checked and fixed regularly to work well. That’s where CCTV maintenance contracts come in. Moreover, DB Alarms provides a CCTV maintenance contract PDF in which they explain all about the CCTV maintenance importance and its components which are written in the contract.

CCTV Maintenance Contract Cost

CCtv maintenance contract cost may vary on a number of factors including size and complexity of systems, the type of services and the service provider. These factors are explained as:

Types of services

In a CCTV maintenance contract types of services may vary including camera inspection, cleaning, firmware updates and server rack maintenance. There might be some additional services like software updating, troubleshooting and repairs.

Annual percentage

The cost of a CCTV maintenance contract is often based on an annual percentage of the total installation cost, typically between 8% to 12%. This fee covers regular maintenance to prevent system failures.

System Integrator Charges

System integrators might charge a bit more, about 15%, to cover tasks like updating and configuring software, such as VMS (Video Management System), along with other maintenance activities.

Long Term Contracts

For clients, arranging a long term contract offers stability and peace of mind knowing that their CCTV system will be regularly maintained for an extended period. It eliminates the hassle of having to renew contracts frequently and ensures consistent service without interruptions. Additionally, long-term contracts often come with the advantage of locking in lower rates, resulting in potential cost savings over time.


DB’s Alarm CCTV maintenance contract covers various services such as inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, software updates, emergency support, and documentation.

Preventive maintenance is crucial for CCTV systems as it helps prevent breakdown, ensures smooth operation, and extends the system's lifespan.

The cost of a CCTV maintenance contract typically ranges from 8% to 15% of the total installation cost, depending on factors such as system size and complexity.

Long-term CCTV maintenance contracts offer stability, lower rates, consistent service, and eliminate the need for frequent contract renewals.

Round-the-clock emergency support is vital for CCTV systems to promptly address urgent issues, minimize downtime, and enhance security by ensuring continuous surveillance.